Infosheet on "rationelles bauen"
("efficient building"), Christian Frisch, 1999.
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experimental film
5:00 min., 35mm colour, dolby stereo sr
music: Gentle Veincut, texte: Gillian Gillette, FWU
idea, production, realisation: Christian Frisch, 1999.
first screening: December 10th, 1999, HfG Offenbach / Main, Germany,

about the topic:
"The few free pieces of building land in the cities are not enough to satisfy nowadays housing need. But oftentimes well-situated sites can be found outside the cities that allow the use of most modern and advanced construction techniques. For tapping and constructing such sites economically, construction works should be efficiently rationalized from the earliest begining up to the end of such a project."
(speaker in "rationelles bauen")
At first glance "rationelles bauen" appears to be an educational film dealing with well-known facts on rationalization issues. The advantages of efficient building techniques are quoted from found-footage.
In the second part of the film the just learned lesson meets pictures from modern construction sites. Economic advantages meet the audio-visual rhythm of an experimental approach on the topic and generate emotions.

Economic advantages meet the audio-visual rhythm of an experimental approach on rationalisation, repetition and order.

about the filming techniques:
The original material for "rationelles bauen" was shot frame by frame with an Olympus Pen-F half format SLR-camera. I used colour revearsal film that was developed in an ordinary amateur photographer lab. The Olympus half format camera gets 72 pictures out of one roll of film. Since there's no difference between 35mm film for photograpy or motion picture film &endash; one roll exposed in the camera became three seconds of motion when projected in a cinema.
After develloping the material was copied on an optical printing machine, and mixed with screenshots of CAD-generated models of architectures.

Christian Frisch, 1999



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