"Wo Scheimpflug wohnt" ("Where Scheimpflug lives")
[experimental film]

experimental film, 16mm black and white, 4min 20sec, commag sound, no dialogs, Germany 1997, first screening: November 1997, production: Christian Frisch

Scheimpflug, photogrammetrist, *in Vienna in 1865, in Vorderbrühl in 1911 develloped fundamental ideas on the fields of rectification, double projection, radial triangulation (aeronautical triangulation) and discovered the Scheimpflug-relation between lines of intersection or perspectivically in-focus reproduction of inclining planes.
   (quoted from Brockhaus' encyclopedia)

"By recording rows of images, taking advantage of the characteristic potential of the photographic rail-camera, in single frame fashion, movement was created. The 4x5 inch negatives where transferred to film and edited, looped and faded into each other on the optical printer.
   In this fashion, the film is lent a sombre mood between architectures, which captivate, because they are shown to do things, one would normally not expect from houses."
   (taken from EMAF Festival Catalog, Osnabrück 1998)

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